World Wildlife Day

Project Piaba’s partners at OATA¬†¬†have put together a wonderful presentation for World Wildlife Day (today) on how aquarium fisheries can often result in a net benefit in regions of biological importance that are otherwise under threat. The benefits also include the resident fishing communities that would be challenged with poverty, lack of food security, etc. and instead, have their basic needs met in a way that is also a very powerful driver of environmental protection. Many critically endangered species also benefit from the protectionism of aquarium fisheries. In the Amazon, pink river dolphins, giant river otters, jaguars, are just a few of the species that are dependant on the tropical rainforest that is safeguarded by the aquarium fishing communities. Countless tonnes of carbon remain sequestered in the trees, and the healthy tropical forest continues to filter significant amounts of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

I suspect that I am telling you what you have long known: there are no problems that can not be resolved by fish.

I’m sending this presentation to you today with the hopes that you will share this document as broadly as possible – please forward, post, tweet, etc. ASAP today.

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