Fall Auction – Completed

Fall Auction November 25th – Auctions | Calgary Aquarium Society for more details.

The King Of DIY – Joey Mullen – Completed

The Calgary Aquarium Society is proud to present an afternoon with The King Of DIY – Joey Mullen. Most people will know Joey from his Youtube channel and the multitude of projects he has tackled there, now is your chance to come out and meet the man behind the camera.

For those unfamiliar with him, his channel is here The king of DIY – YouTube

He will be giving a talk entitled “My 5 Most Significant Aquarium Projects Of the Last 20 Years”

Over the last 20+ years, Joey has created the largest and most popular collection of DIY aquarium videos ever created. However, there were only 5 that shaped his hobby, his career and had a massive impact on the aquatic industry. Without these happening in this specific order, for the specific reasons he will outline, the hobby might look much different today.

You will not only discover the build process and how he did it, but for the first time, Joey will tell the stories behind each build, what happened next and the overall impact they had on his hobby and possibly yours.

He will also be interacting with the crowd and answering any questions you may have.