Member Businesses

If you’re looking for a locally owned fish business who also happens to be a member of the Calgary Aquarium Society, please look below for more information.

  • Arctic Lights Aquatics – We’re here because we want to make a difference in the world of aquatics.
  • Coomara Aquatics Ltd – IBC/BBC Betta breeder and importer, select guppies and rare livebearers, Live Food Cultures. Aquatic Botanicals; If we can be of service contact us by phone at        403-651-3426 , through our website ( or by our Facebook page (@CoomaraAquatics).
  • Holm’s On Aquariums – Consulting, aquarium design and maintenance. Specializing in Marine and Reef aquariums. Having bred over 50 varieties of tropical and marine fish along with propagating over 100 varieties of reef corals. Any question or problem with regards to aquarium keeping is only a phone call away. Contact Al 403-613-0692