Monthly Programs

April 2023 Program

An Evening With Norm – Norm Nemeth

We all know Norm from Pisces Aquarium  in Calgary! The format for this event will be Ask Norm, any and all questions pertaining to tank setups, diseases, any and all questions you may have!  No one aquarist has the same tank nor do they have the same methodology to approach issues. Norm will explain why every approach to the hobby is not wrong.

March 2023 Program

Let’s Talk Plants – Presented By Tina Cerciello

Tina has been an active hobbyist with a real passion for the small to medium planted tanks with community fish. She is active in propagating the rarer types of anubias, cryptocorynes, and bunch plants. Tina will be showing us how to set up the proper media to grow most plants, how to design and aquascape a small tank at the presentation and what is needed to create the best tank conditions for your fish within the planted tank.

Plants will be available for auction after the presentation so make sure to attend and learn how to avoid common mistakes from her experience!

About Tina

In the hobby since December 2010 I topped out at 8 aquariums but currently have 4 running (5 g, 17 g and two 40 g). The two 40 g aquariums have pressurized CO2. My aquarium journey started with plastic and silk plants but my passion for houseplants led me to using live plants. My specialty is Pinto Anubias and one plant I almost always use in a set up is from the Cryptocorne genus as there are so many types to choose from. I try to keep my livestock on the smaller scale (usually tetras) and will always have a betta on my kitchen counter. Learning all the time from personal experience I always look forward to sharing my successes and failures with other hobbyists.