Monthly Programs

Program for Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018

The Calgary Aquarium Society (CAS)  is pleased to announce that as part of the September 11th monthly meeting at the Crescent Heights Community Center, a presentation will be given by CAS member Paul Price on Bettas – More than Just a pretty Face.

Bettas are popular amongst aquarists but how much do you really know about them? When you hear the word Betta most of us think of the flashy buddle nest building male “Betta Splendens” in all its array of colours and fin types. But they are so much more. With 73 recognized species grouped into 13 complexes these fish from the tropical jungles and rice paddies of Southeast Asia range in size from the diminutive less than 2.5 cm (1 inch) Betta chanoides to the giant 12.5 cm (5 inch) plus Betta akarensis. There are mouthbrooders and the more familiar bubble nesters. There are some that are best solitary, others that are best in pairs in species tanks and others that can be grouped in little colonies and in freshwater tropical community tanks.

I hope in this 20-minute talk to the CAS members to relay my enthusiasm for Bettas, developed from close to 50 years breeding, raising and showing them in all their forms. In this talk I hope to dispel some of the myths and mistruths in the public sphere, convey some information about how the modern betta forms were developed, share some information on “wild types” and end the talk with a plea how we as aquatic enthusiasts can help the threatened wild betta species their natural environment.

Program for Tuesday June 12, 2018

The Calgary Aquarium Society (CAS)  is pleased to announce that as part of the June 12th monthly meeting at the Crescent Heights Community Center, a presentation, utilizing the “Zoom” Video Communications platform, will be given by Ms. Janine Higgins BSc of Alberta Environment and Parks. Ms. Higgins will speak to us from Edmonton on the Alberta Government’s campaign  “Don’t Let it Loose”.

The “Don’t Let it Loose” campaign was created to combat aquatic invasive species being introduced into Alberta’s aquatic environment!

Learn about the monster goldfish being found in storm water ponds as far north as Fort McMurray, and the flowering rush, a plant that is invading waterbodies across the province. Following Janine’s presentation she will entertain questions from the audience on how we can help the province in this important endeavour. We have posted information from on the club website including a list of invasive fish and plant species that concern Alberta Environment and Parks.

Speaker Biography:  Janine Higgins is a Community Engagement Lead with Alberta Environment and Parks focusing on Aquatic Invasive Species, Lake Education and Water Literacy. Janine completed a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta in 2010, and has worked in various education and public engagement roles within the department of Environment & Parks.

Paul Price, CAS Secretary

May 2018 Program:

Part A: “It’s Time To Wake Up Your Pond” By Jason Caumartin

Come find out what you need to do to get your pond ready for the coming season. Jason will be here to share his wisdom on getting your pond ready for summer. If you don’t have a pond, no worries. Jason will give tips on how to get started on your first outdoor pond. Come join Jason and see his presentation on outdoor ponds.

Part B:  “Do you know your ABC’s and 123’s about Catfish” By Birger Kamprath

If you don’t know what the letters and numbers stand for in the identification of catfish and would like to know what all the letters and numbers mean, come to here Birger give a detailed explanation on what it all means.  Come prepared to ask questions to clarify any misconceptions you might have regarding catfish.