Aquaticon 2019

A Tropical and Marine Aquarium Fair and Exposition



Fish, Plants, Corals, Invertebrates and Amphibians along with
 the equipment and the information necessary to maintain them

Saturday – March 2, 2019 – Noon – 5 PM Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association, 5600 Center St N

Aquaticon Calgary 2019 is the second annual public trade show event presented and hosted by the Calgary Aquarium Society (CAS). This event is free to the public and features CAS members, invited vendors, guest speakers, industry sponsors, and a large silent auction.

This year Aquaticon Calgary will also include free public presentations by internationally-known guest speakers Eric Bodrock and Regina Spotti.

Eric Bodrock is the owner of All Oddball Aquatics, a tropical fish hatchery and independent online retailer located just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Along with his fiancé, Regina Spotti, they currently maintain about 250 aquariums in their home based hatchery and work with a wide range of fish species. In addition to successfully spawning over 500 species of freshwater fish he has published articles, judged dozens of fish shows, and given presentations, at aquarium related events worldwide.

Regina Spotti is an avid nature lover-from creepy-crawlies to wings to fins and everything in between. She enjoys keeping and breeding various freshwater tropical fish from every continent. Quickly achieving Master Breeder status in the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society, she continues to work with new and rare species, some of which she has spawned. She currently maintains about 70 aquariums housing many different species-some rare fish and some new to the hobby.

Regina and Eric’s talks will include

1:00 – “A Pair in Peru” – Regina & Eric travel to Madre de Dios region of Peru in search of Catfish, Tetras, Cichlids, Killifish.

2:15 – “Living with a fish geek… AKA Fish I’ve spawned before Bodrock!” – Regina provides her point of view on fish-keeping as seen from the female perspective and discusses some of her experiences spawning some of the less frequently-seen fish species, a few of the various species of Rasbora and Tetras, and her favorite catfish species

3:30 – “Spawning “Oddball” Fish” – Eric reveals the “secrets” of spawning some of the hobby’s coolest fish, such as  Hillstream Loaches, Moema quiii,  and a few L-number Plecostomus catfish such as L134, L260,  L236 and more. Bring your notebooks.

For further information. Contact Fred Guy:, 587-284-1056

Items For sale for the freshwater enthusiast:   

  • We will have a variety of aquatic plants. Rooted and floating varieties; Easy to grow along with challenging plants for the intermediate to advanced hobbyist.
  • Expect to see for sale a wide variety of tropical fish and invertebrates – many bred locally as well as some specially imported for this show:
    • African Cichlids
    • Catfish
    • Tetras
    • Livebearers (Guppies, Swordtails, Platies and more)
    • Exotic Bettas
    • Killifish
    • Freshwater shrimp
  • Along with the fish and plants look for accessories such as:
    • Driftwood and decorative stone
    • Lighting
    • Water conditioners – Indian Almond Leaves, Thai Banana Leaves and more
    • Plecostomus caves
    • Live fish food – Daphnia, Moina, Microworms and much more
    • Frozen fish food – brine shrimp, blood worms
    • Dry Fish food – pellets and flake

For the Saltwater enthusiast  there will be coral frag vendors selling a variety of corals.

There will also be a vendor selling dart frogs, living vivariums and supplies.

 If you would like to be a vendor at the Aquaticon please contact:

 Fred Guy –, 586-284-1056