Monthly Programs

The following topics will be discussed by guests who are experts in their field.

May Program: Aquariums “Sky’s the Limit”

Join Fred Guy and Al Holm as we take you through the endless possibilities of keeping fresh and marine aquariums. From the basics of aquarium keeping to the future innovations in the hobby.

Following the presentation will be an open discussion along with and question and answer session.

Be there in May and remember, the sky’s the limit!

June Program: “My Favourite Fish Farms” By Spencer Jack, Aquarium Society of Winnipeg

An inside look and tour at some of Spencer’s most favorite places for fish farms in Florida and Israel; including African cichlid farms, koi farms, guppy farms, microgeophagus and ramirezi farms.

Spencer will be bringing some fish to be auctioned off at the June CAS meeting. He doesn’t know what he will bringing but it will have to do with what his talk is about.

Please note: As Spencer Jack will be bringing fish for auction, we will not be accepting members auction items this meeting as time will not permit.

If you are interested in purchasing fish from Spencer, they will be brought to Calgary, freight free, for pick up at the June meeting on Tuesday, June 13th. All fish must be prepaid as the CAS will not be taking responsibility for them. You must be present at the meeting or have someone to pick them up for you. There will be no special deliveries available.

All Spencer Jack orders must be placed between June 9th and June 12th as Spencer will be flying to Calgary, on June 13th with the fish.