About Us

CAS was founded in 1951!  We are a registered non-profit organization.

“Pleco”Our Objectives:

  • to study aquatic life
  • to encourage the hobby of fish keeping
  • to share information on subjects related to the hobby
  • to publish of books, papers, and periodicals related to the hobby
  • to provide recreation for members and promote opportunity for social activity

We are interested in publishing your articles and artwork!

Please contact The Calquarium Editor for more information.
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Board of Directors (2018)

Past President Cate Forbes
President Jordanne Somers
Vice President Ann Marie Towell
Treasurer Mike Ghosn
Secretary Jauna Anstett
Librarian Fred Guy
Membership Steven Snow
Breeders Award Program (BAP) Matthew Wutzke
Horticultural Award Program (HAP) Vishal Dalal
Programs vacant
Calquarium Editor vacant
Assistant Calquarium Editor Jordanne Somers
Website Editor vacant
Exchange Editor vacant
Directors at Large: Gord Derhak