Home Tour

The home tour is held annually in June or July. This is an opportunity for members and their families to open your homes to members and allow them to see what exciting fish, plants, aquariums and ponds you have. Inspire new and existing members to follow in your footsteps and create new and exciting aquariums. Raise and breed a variety of fish and grow some rare plants. When you allow others in the hobby to see what you have done, it can encourage others and get them excited too!

Please volunteer your home for the home tour to be held on June 10th or 11th, 2017. Information will be presented at the May meeting and emails will be sent out to all existing members with all the details. Keep checking your email. Please join us in June.

This year the plan is to accept 5 in town homes for the tour and one out of town location allowing the tour to last a short time with a BBQ to follow. Locations to be determined.

If you accept our invitation and would like to offer your home to be a part of the home tour, please contact Al Holm.

Everyone who offers will be contacted as to whether you will host this year. If you would like to offer your place as the end location and host the BBQ that would be greatly appreciated. We will need lots of helping hands to help cook and clean up.

Let’s make the 2017 home tour a day to remember. Family Welcome!