Here is the Schedule of events!!

- Doors open to the public
130pm - Characins - Spawning & keeping challenging species - by Regina Spotti
245pm - Spawning "Oddball" fish by Eric Bodrock 
I reveal the “secrets” of what I did to spawn some of the hobby’s coolest fish, such as,
Hillstream Loaches: S. marmorata & S. lineolata, Notropis chrosomus “Rainbow Shiners”,
Moema quiii, Lamprichthys tanganicanus, Ivanacara adoketa, a couple newer "Cloud Mountain"
Ancistrus such as the "Araza Blue Flash", and a few L-number plecos such as L134, L260,
L236 and more. Bring your notebooks!
400pm - Living with a fish geek... AKA Fish I've spawned before Bodrock! Girls, pantyhose
and fishkeeping! 

Since there are so few women involved in the hobby, I will provide my point of view with
regards to fish keeping as seen from the female perspective. I will be discussing some of
my “secrets” on spawning some of the less frequently seen species of fish and why I chose
to work with them. A few of the various species of Rasbora and Tetras, along with my
favorite catfish species are some of the fish I will provide spawning information on.
500pm - Mini Auction
- Dinner
Eric Bodrock & Regina Spotti present:
A Pair in Peru! 
For the first time ever, Regina & Eric travel to Madre de Dios region of Peru in search of
Catfish, Tetras, Cichlids, Killifish and whatever awesome fish we could find! Our travels
took us to a new high, in more than one way! Collecting in waters that had likely never
had a net in them before to nearly 16,000 ft. into the Andes, a totally mind blowing
experience. We will share our 20 day journey with you thru photos and our thoughts of
our "bucket list" adventure.
Exclusive Mini Auction
*please note all times are approximate and subject to change without warning*

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Auction is limited to Fish and Plants only! 


We are looking for a few volunteers to help the committee.

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Door greeter - meet, greet and answer questions and general help
Posters - Filled
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