April General Meeting

April 9, 2019 @ 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Crescent Heights Community Association
1101 2nd St NW

I’d rather be fishing … in Peru
Aquatic adventures in the Andean foothills of Peru

I will talk about my fish exploration trip to the foothills of the Peruvian Andes last Xmas. There are pictures of natural, and less natural, biotopes and a great variety of cichlids, tetras, catfish and a few others like knifefish and killifish

Presented by Bart Hazes

For as long as he can remember Bart has been playing and experimenting with water creatures. Catching sticklebacks, raising tadpoles, or sticking a finger in the mouth of a baby pike because someone said you shouldn’t try that. Experimenting reached another level while completing a PhD on oxygen-transport proteins that make a lobster’s blood blue. But his first love will always be fishes – keeping and breeding South American cichlids, diving Pacific or Caribbean reefs and, most recently, exploring the Peruvian Amazon in search for its tropical fishes.

CAS April General Meeting
Photo contest, mini auction, and great social time
MJ Aquatics Ltd will be set up with a sale table for purchases