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Whatís New In Cyprinid Studies: Part 3
  by: Dale Speirs, The Calquarium, Dec 2001
Cyprinids are great ones for schooling; a survival mechanism that evolved as an anti-predator measure (many eyes watching are better than just two), and as a food-finding mechanism (better a small share in the crowd frequently than the occasional big bite by yourself).

What's New in Cyprinid Studies: Part1
  by: Dale Speirs, The Calquarium, May 2000
Aquarists spend a lot of time trying to get their pet fish to spawn. When frustration sets in, reference is often made to accounts of how the species spawns in habitat.

The Life and Times Of Fathead Minnows
  by: Dale Speirs, The Calquarium, Jan 2000
The fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas, is commonly sold as a baitfish and, in the aquarium trade, as a feeder fish.

Goldfish, Part IV
  by: Jennifer Wilkinson, The Calquarium, Sep 1999
In this article, I will talk about goldfish diseases and why every goldfish should be quarantined before being introduced to your other fish.

Goldfish, Part III
  by: Jennifer Wilkinson, The Calquarium, Jul 1999
As promised in this article, I will discuss breeding and shipping of eggs and fry. Goldfish can be very challenging to breed, especially if one is trying to produce certain characteristics or a quality fish.

Golden Barbs - A Fish With Attitude
  by: Jennifer Wilkinson, The Calquarium, Jun 1999
Hi, let us introduce ourselves, our names are Goldie, Golden Rod, Gill, (short for short gill covers), Georgina, and well, Whatz-it. We are golden barbs, Barbus semifasciolatus.

Goldfish, Part II
  by: Goldfish, Part II, The Calquarium, Jun 1999
This month as promised, I will discuss goldfish housing and maintenance. Should I use a goldfish bowl, aquarium, or pond? What about other containers?

Cherry Barbs: Barbus titteya
  by: Jennifer Wilkinson, The Calquarium, May 1999
Cherry barbs (Barbus titteya) come from the shaded streams and rivers on the plains of Sri Lanka.

Goldfish: Part I
  by: Jennifer Wilkinson, The Calquarium, May 1999
This is the start of a several part series of which goldfish types, maintenance, breeding, collecting eggs, and even shipping eggs and fry will be discussed.

Danio frankei: The Leopard Danio
  by: Richard T. Pon, The Calquarium, Feb 1998
I was waiting for a bus and had time to kill. Thatís how it all began twenty years ago. I wandered into a pet store and became fascinated with the colorful fish on display. From then on, I was hooked by the aquarium hobby.

S.A.E.: A Fish Worth Its Weight In Gold
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Feb 1998
In the rivers of south-east Asia lives a very plain-looking fish, one that most aquarists would ignore if it wasnít for Dr. Baenschís discovery that it eats hair algae. In fact it is considered to be the best algae eater available.

Those Underrated Bottom Dwellers
  by: Elaine and Randy Rude, The Calquarium, Feb 1997
Loaches are popular tank inhabitants in our community aquaria. Many of these bottom dwellers are nocturnal so we may not see them all that frequently and may possibly forget they are even there.


A Beginners Guide to Koi and Koi Ponds
Excellent starter resource on Koi fishes and ponds.

Dandy Oranda's Hideaway
Jo Ann Burke's show-quality goldfish are on display here: find out how to order them, how to contact her, and more.

An excellent hobbyist site dedicated to the care of fancy goldfish.

Goldfish Emergency
Rescue information/procedures for sick goldfish.

A unique site about koi medical treatment.

Liisa Sarakontuís Homepage
Great pencil drawings and articles on Cyprinids.

Loaches Online
An excellent loach resource website.

The Goldfish Sanctuary
They're mission: dedicated to the humane treatment of fish everywhere.

The Zebrafish Book
A guide for the laboratory use of zebrafish Danio Brachydanio rerio.

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