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Modifying Water Chemistry
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, Jul 1998
So now that you know what pH, alkalinity, and hardness all mean, how do you go about changing them?

Water Conditions
  by: Henry and Jennifer Wilkinson, The Calquarium, Jul 1998
During the past several years we have been transferred from city to city with my job. What does that have to do with fish keeping you might ask? Well, has anyone ever considered that each city has different water conditions? Then there is the problem of do I take my fish or donít I take my fish.

Water Chemistry, For Dummies
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, May 1998
This article is about a topic that I approach with some trepidation, since I think that far too much attention is paid to it as it is. However, any novice aquarium keeper without a degree in chemistry would be lost while overhearing a conversation about pH and the rest, so this article is intended to cover all that.

Calgary Tap Water vs. Lake Malawi Water
Calgary water and Lake Malawi surface waters are remarkably similar, with the only significant differences being that Lake Malawi water is slightly softer, saltier, richer in potassium, and poorer in sulfates.


Aquarium Water Chemistry
Learn more about Ammonia, C02, Nitrates and more.

Water Chemistry
David Rope gives an excellent guide to the basics.

Water Hardness
Learn about water hardness, pH, gH and kH.

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