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Water Plants for Ponds and Bogs
  by: Ann Savannah, The Calquarium, Jul 2000
When we think of a backyard pond the first few images that pop into most of our minds are those of fountains and fish, usually a goldfish.

Tropical Plants in the Wild
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Apr 2000
Early this year I was able in observe tropical aquatic plants in their home environment and notice what the natural conditions are like.

Aquatic Hanging Gardens
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Mar 2000
Ever noticed how nice a piece of driftwood covered in Java fern (Microsorium pteropus), or Java moss (Vesicularia dubyana) or even just plain algae looks?

Terrestrial Plants Sold as Aquatics
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Feb 2000
Every so often, while I’m checking out aquatic plants at the aquarium shops, I run across terrestrial plants being sold as aquatic plants.

Home Brew
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, Nov 1999
Of all the strange things that I have done over the years for the aquarium hobby the strangest is probably setting up a "home brew" CO2 reactor.

Stupid Fish Tricks
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Nov 1999
So what is a Vallisneria? According to Hortus Third it is a genus belonging to the family Hydrocharitaceae*.

A Fishkeeper's Guide To Aquarium Plants
  by: Jennifer Wilkinson, The Calquarium, Oct 1999
A Fishkeeper’s Guide to Aquarium Plants is by Barry James and is published by Tetra Press. The first edition was out in 1986, however this is the revised edition 1997.

Fish as Filters
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Apr 1999
As most of you know, one of the most frustrating things about aquarium keeping is the need to filter noxious compounds from the water. These compounds are the metabolic products of living things in the tank.

Fish and Plants
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Feb 1999
As anyone who has kept plants and fish together know, some species of fish either don’t like plants, or like them too much.

Substrate Additives
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Dec 1998
To most of us the idea of adding "dirt" to our aquariums seems ludicrous, but that is just what some aquatic plants need.

Water Circulation Through the Substrate
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Oct 1998
In nature water is always on the move. We may not notice it, but it circulates in lakes that are apparently still, and through the soil also. Springs and riverbeds are two examples of water that is moving through the soil.

A Question Of Substrate
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Jun 1998
A few people have asked me what I use as a substrate in my plant tanks, and what is the best substrate for healthy plant growth.

Aquatic Flowers
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, May 1998
Let me assure you that most of the aquarium plants available today are capable of flowering. It is quite natural for them to do so, and they will do it in an artificial setting when conditions are right.

How To Grow Giant Amazon Swordplants
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, May 1998
One of our fellow club members has a problem many of us would like to have. His Amazon swordplants grow too large for his 50-gallon tank and he has to get rid of them periodically!

Native Aquatic Plants: a look outside, into our backyard
  by: Wlad Franco-Valias, The Calquarium, Apr 1998
Most of our tanks are tropical, and so are our aquarium plants, but have you ever taken the time to look at our ponds and rivers and see what grows there?

The Genus Aponogeton
  by: Birgit McKinnon, The Calquarium, Mar 1997
The genus Aponogeton is distributed widely through tropical Asia as far east as India and as far north as South Korea.

An Introduction To Aquarium Plants
  by: Richard T. Pon, The Calquarium, Jan 1996
Most hobbyists start keeping aquaria because of their interest in watching fish, not plants.


Aquatic Gardeners Association
An international nonprofit organization of aquatic plant enthusiasts, which appeals to both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike.

Aquatic Plants of Canada
The home of a Canadian aquarium plant exchange with great potential.

Cheapo Yeast CO2 for Healthy Aquarium Plants
Article worth a readm, by Bruce Hallman.

Freshwater Planted Aquarium
A great "how-to" site by Hoa G. Nguyen.

The Crypts Pages
by Jan D. Bastmeijer is a very complete site on plants of the genus Cryptocoryne.

The Nature Aquiarum
A commercial site, containing FAQs, his tank photographs, links, and product information.

A commercial aquatic plant nursery with plant articles, although they are clearly biased toward promoting their own products.

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