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Lighting of Planted Aquaria
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, Apr 2000
In the last decade there has been a move in the North American aquarium hobby to create display aquaria with considerably lusher, thicker, more vibrant plant growth than was ever seen before.

Light: Part 2
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, May 1999
A useful rule of thumb is that for a planted freshwater aquarium of one of the standard dimensions the minimum amount of lighting required is 0.5 watts of fluorescent tubes per every liter of tank capacity.

Light: Part 1
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, Apr 1999
In this series of articles, I would like to introduce the theoretical and practical aspects of light in the aquarium. How much do you need? Of what kind? From what source?

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