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What Ails Us In The Aquarium Hobby
  by: Dale Speirs, The Calquarium, Dec 2000
This article is a review of the book Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam (Simon & Schuster, 2000), hardcover, 540 pages, ISBN 0-684-83283-6. This book looks at trends in civic engagement, why there has been a decline in non-profit organizations, what the effects of this are, and what is to be done.

Catching The Fish "Bug"
  by: Andrew Wildgoose, The Calquarium, Oct 1999
I had never had a fish tank when I grew up. I always heard stories from other pals at school who had them. They used to talk about their guppies, having babies and either the parents eating them, or Mom doing the "white porcelain tank number" on them. Lynda, my wife, talked to me about the possibility of getting a tank for my birthday last year.

The Tranquil Aquarium
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, Oct 1999
I hear that jellyfish were recently all the rage in Japan. Watching the pulsating bells slowly move about the aquarium is supposed to be very relaxing; reducing blood pressure and clearing the mind.


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