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Adult Fish and Store-Bought Prepared Foods
  by: Andrew Wildgoose, The Calquarium, Nov 2000
One has to wonder why there are so many types of food for fish and what their uses are. Flake, live, pellet, stick, freeze dried, and frozen; not to mention floating, sinking etc. It can become a nightmarish maze when going into a pet store and seeing counters upon counters of selections of fish food.

Fish Food, For Dummies
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, Oct 1998
Fish need food. Otherwise they starve. Simple enough. But like you and me, fish also require that a necessary list of nutrients be in their food or they will slowly grow ill, and then will die. So how do you give your fish adequate nutrition?

Keeping Earthworms and Getting Better Compost
  by: Dwayne Tiede, The Calquarium, Jul 1998
Even before I took up tropical fish again after our move back to Calgary I had started to compost our vegetable and fruit cuttings in an attempt to think globally but act locally.

Infusoria and Paramecium Cultures
  by: Richard T. Pon, The Calquarium, Jun 1996
What's the best food for newly hatched fry? Finding a suitable food was one of my biggest difficulties when getting started with our club's Breeders Award Program (BAP). Especially, since I was interested in spawning some of the smaller egglayers.


Microworm Cultures
How to make them, and to buy.

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