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Do You Have UTS?
  by: Dan Marentette, The Calquarium, Dec 2000
If your anything like myself you just love your fish keeping hobby and you just love scouring the local fish stores and going to your local fish club auctions a lot. But you canít help yourself when it comes to new and interesting species that you donít have at home in your tanks right.

Plant Filters For Home Aquaria
  by: Doug Dunlop, The Calquarium, Mar 2000
Although there is some debate over which organism is most responsible for removing the waste products of fish from water in nature, there is little question that plants can and do use many of these wastes from the water in which they grow.

Filters, For Dummies
  by: Grant Gussie, The Calquarium, Nov 1998
Your tanks have too many fish in them. My tanks have too many fish in them. Everyone who keeps fish has tanks with too many fish in them. "But," you say, "I only have one inch of fish per gallon, like you told me to have". Very good.

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