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About Us

CAS was founded in 1951! We are a registered non-profit organization.

Our Objectives
The Calquarium
Board of Directors

Our Objectives:

  • the study of aquatic life
  • the encouragement of the hobby of fish keeping
  • the provision of a library on ichthyology and subjects related to the hobby
  • the publishing of books, papers, and periodicals related to the hobby
  • to provide for recreation of members and promote and afford opportunity for social activity

The Calquarium

The Calquarium All members receive the CAS journal, The Calquarium, eleven times a year. The Calquarium is regarded as one of the finest aquarium club journals, and it regularly wins or places in the Federation of American Aquarium Societies' competition for best club publication.

The Calquarium is published monthly, but only once in July & August. It contains articles by our members, as well as reprinted articles from other clubs' journals. These articles deal with all aspects of the aquarium hobby (a subject index is online). It also contains original artwork contributed by our members. And all members are welcome to advertise hobby-related items they may have for sale in The Calquarium, free of charge.

Please contact Karolin Klement, The Calquarium Editor for more information.

Board of Directors (2016)

Past President Jerry Yaremko
President Cate Forbes
Vice President Fred Guy
Treasurer Nancy Helmer
Secretary Sunshine Whillans
Librarian Fred Guy
Membership Irene Gustavson
Breeders Award Program (BAP) Ken Junor
Horticultual Award Program (HAP) Barry Bienia
Calquarium Editor Karolin Klement
Website Editor Roberta Bremner
Exchange Editor Karolin Klement
Show Chairperson Fred Guy
Directors at Large:
Mary Guy
Gord Derhak
Irene Gustafson
Karolin Klement
Al Holm
Jim Hendricks
Ken Junor

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